9 Points Multi-functional Electric Heating Massage Mattress

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Units Sold: 4

9 point high frequency massage mattress, relieves physical discomfort, reduce pain, eliminate fatigue, help relax body and mind  quickly, promote the smooth flow of the human body, enhance cell viability and immunity, improve brain self-regulation.



This product is equipped with the appearance of a new digital display hand control, can be displayed at a glance working hours, working conditions, but also with 7-9 LED display massage vibration of the site, a total of six buttons, namely: on / off, work Mode, strength, speed, an automatic file plus manual eight work mode, the intensity and vibration frequency of five gear adjustment (boot default third gear), timing from 10-30 minutes to adjust the third gear, the use of high-quality micro-motor 130S, 260S , 280S, to facilitate customer choice, but also convenient and car cushions, office sofa chairs supporting, is the ideal leisure massage health products.
Vibration heating massage mattress
1. Beautiful appearance, suitable for a wide range of people.
2. Smart design, built-in 9 high-frequency massage balls.
3. By pressing the button to control the corresponding group of massage balls, personalized massage combination.
4. Double-sided design to meet different aesthetic needs.
5 can relieve physical discomfort, reduce pain, eliminate fatigue, let the body and mind to be relaxed quickly.
6. To promote the smooth flow of the human body, enhance cell viability and immunity, improve brain self-regulation.
7. Can accelerate blood circulation, increase cell oxygen supply, to improve anemia, poor blood circulation have a good supporting role.
8. Often used to promote human endocrine, enhance skin elasticity, improve sleep and improve digestion ability has some help.
9. Using international standard external power adapter, safe and reliable.
Product Overview
1. Vibrations to achieve the simulation kneading, beat, Shiatsu, and other massage methods.
2. Imports of high-quality motor, vibration stronger, lower noise, longer life than similar products made using domestic motor lasting.
3. Advanced double-sided fabric, wear-resistant dirt, sewing more sophisticated, feel thicker, the overall image of high-end.
4 different from the box on the market similar products in plain packaging sales, printing beautiful, generous gifts.
5. This is a lot heavier than similar massage mattresses, suitable for heavy weight, or like long lying people to use.
6. Easy to carry, can be used for sofas, sun loungers, beds and so on.

Recommended for 
1. Back pain, the elderly people with mobility
2. Often sitting workers
3. Drivers
exterior dimensions: 63 * 60 * 44cm
Box size: 63 * 60 * 11cm
physical tile size: 180 * 60 cm (approximately)
thick at the most: 5.5 cm (about)
Total weight: 2.5 kg (about)
Packing Quantity: 1 * 4PCS
Working voltage: DC 12V
Rated power: 18W


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